Mathematics for Teaching Mathematics education Theories and ideas behind the math lessons in this blog

Theories and ideas behind the math lessons in this blog

I have put together in this post some of the ideas behind the kind of mathematics teaching I promote. As I stated in the subheadings of this blog, the articles and lessons I write here are not about making mathematics easy because it isn’t but about making mathematics makes sense because it does. Before reading any of the articles below, I suggest read the About page first and what I think mathematics is. I hope I make sense in the following articles. Click here for the list of math lessons.

To understand mathematics is to make connection

Mathematics is an art

Teaching through Problem Solving

Mathematical habits of mind

What is mathematical investigation?

Exercises, Problems, and Math Investigations

Why it is bad habit to introduce math concepts through their definitions

What is reasoning? How can we teach it?

What is the role of visualization in mathematics?

Making generalizations in mathematics

What is abstraction in mathematics?

I also have a new blog about research studies in mathematics teaching and learning.


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