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Should we define multiplication as repeated addition?

This article is a comment in my post Math War Over Multiplication which is about the ongoing debate  on whether or not multiplication can be defined as repeated addition. In the article, the author also raises a lot of other issues. Read, enjoy, and comment. What started with a few words is now a feud. While Truth is not the… Read More »

What is i equal to?

Am i or am i not ? Khan Academy say I am, says I’m not. It is really very tempting to deduce that because . Many have fallen victim to this.   This post is part of my series of posts about common misconceptions in mathematics. Mistakes vs Misconceptions Top ten errors in algebra… Read More »

Mistakes and Misconceptions in Mathematics

Misconceptions are very different from the mistakes students make. Mistakes are not consciously made. Misconceptions are. Mistakes are usually one-off, while misconceptions, the gods forbid, could be for keeps. Mistakes are made by a few, misconceptions are made by many and, repeatedly. Students can figure out their mistakes by themselves because mistakes are usually due to… Read More »

Technically, Fractions are Not Numbers

It is misleading to put fractions alongside the sets of numbers – counting, whole, integers, rational, irrational and real. The diagram below which are in many Mathematics I (Year 7) textbooks is inviting misconceptions. Fraction is a form for writing numbers just like the decimals, percents, and other notations that use exponents and radicals, etc.… Read More »

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