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Churchill on mathematics and mathematics education

The mathematicians concern themselves with doing mathematics at high level of abstraction. The mathematics educator concern themselves with what it is that one does when doing mathematics and what kind of experiences are propitious for a person’s later successes. – P. Thompson. According to Thompson, the following quote is a paraphrase of what Winston Churchill said… Read More »

Theories and ideas behind the math lessons in this blog

I have put together in this post some of the ideas behind the kind of mathematics teaching I promote. As I stated in the subheadings of this blog, the articles and lessons I write here are not about making mathematics easy because it isn’t but about making mathematics makes sense because it does. Before reading… Read More »

Why negative times a negative is positive

Among the ‘rules’ for working with negative numbers,  the most counter intuitive is “negative times a negative is a positive”. It is easily forgotten especially if it was learned by rote. It is also not an easy ‘rule’ to make sense of so it needs to be learned with conceptual understanding. Here’s my proposed lesson for… Read More »

Mathematical habits of mind

Learning mathematics is not just about knowing, understanding, and applying its concepts, principles and all the associated mathematical procedures and algorithms. It’s not just even about  acquiring the capacity to solve problem,  to reason, and to communicate. It is about making these capacities part of students’ thinking habits. It is only then that one can… Read More »

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