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Teaching positive and negative numbers

A popular approach for teaching numbers is to use it to describe a property of an object or a set of object. For example, numbers are used to describe the amount or quantity of fruits in a basket. In introducing integers, teachers and textbooks presents integers as a set of numbers that can be used… Read More »

From whole numbers to integers – so many things to “unlearn”

A lot of online resources on integers are about operations on integers especially addition and subtraction.  Most of these resources  show visual representations of integer operations. These representations are almost always in the form of jumping bunnies, kitties, frogs, …  practically anything that can or cannot jump are made to jump on the number line.… Read More »

Subtracting integers using tables

In my earlier post on this topic, I discussed why teaching subtraction using the numberline is not helping most students to learn the concept. In this post I describe an alternative way to teaching operations with integers that would help students develop a conceptual understanding of the operation and engage their mind in algebraic thinking at… Read More »

Teaching absolute value of an integer

The tasks below are for deepening students’ understanding about the absolute value of a number and provide a context for creating a need for learning operations with integers. You may give the problems  after you have introduced the students the idea of absolute value of an integer and before the lesson on operations with integers. Tasks… Read More »

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