Mathematics for Teaching GeoGebra Activities Inverse functions worksheet – quadratic functions

Inverse functions worksheet – quadratic functions

Objective: To determine the inverse of quadratic functions


  1. Type y = x in the input bar then press enter.
  2. Click the REFLECT button in the tool bar. Click point A and then the line y = x.
  3. Drag A. Describe the path of point A’. You can right click A’ and choose TRACE. What equation will describe the curve traced by A’?
  4. Explore the inverse of other quadratic functions. Click the REFRESH icon to restart construction then change the quadratic function by moving the slider, a.
  5. The graph traced by A’ is the inverse of the quadratic function.  If someone will ask you what an inverse of a function is, what will you tell him/her based on this activity. Is the inverse of a function also always a function?

For worksheet on inverse of linear function click this link or you can advance to inverse of exponential function.

For ideas on how to teach inverse function, read my post What is an inverse function?
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