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Convert a Boring Geometry Problem to Exploratory Version

The following problem (or proving activity, if you like to call it that) is a typical textbook geometry problem. It is tough and guaranteed to scare the wits out of any Year 9 student. When I used the given condition to construct the figure using GeoGebra, the only thing I can move is A or… Read More »

Use of exercises and problem solving in math teaching

Mathematical tasks can be classified broadly in two general types: exercises and problem solving tasks. Exercises are tasks used for practice and mastery of skills. Here, students already know how to complete the tasks. Problem solving on the other hand are tasks in which the solution or answer are not readily apparent. Students need to… Read More »

When is a math problem a problem?

One of the main objectives of mathematics education is for students to acquire mathematical habits of mind. One of the ways of achieving this objective is to engage students in problem solving tasks. What is a problem solving task? And when is a math problem a problem and not an exercise? What is a problem… Read More »

DepEd’s Explore, Firm Up, Deepen, Transfer

When we were just being trained to be teachers of mathematics it was emphasized to us that in planning our lesson we should think of manipulative activities whose results will eventually lead to the concepts to be learned. The teacher will make use of the students results to introduce the new concept through another whole… Read More »

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