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Convert a Boring Geometry Problem to Exploratory Version

The following problem (or proving activity, if you like to call it that) is a typical textbook geometry problem. It is tough and guaranteed to scare the wits out of any Year 9 student. When I used the given condition to construct the figure using GeoGebra, the only thing I can move is A or… Read More »

A problem solving lesson about triangles and circles

This short lesson was inspired by one of the problems from the blog Five Triangles Mathematics. The author challenges the reader to construct a circle using only a compass and straight edge, through two points X and Y. The centre of the circle must be a point on the line located between the two given… Read More »

Mathlets – dynamic math applets

‘An applet is any small application that performs one specific task that runs within the scope of a larger program, often as a plug-in. An applet typically also refers to Java applets, i.e., programs written in theJava programming language that are included in a web page’ -Wikipedia. That settles it. It has nothing to do with Apple and small apples. What about mathlets? Yes, you… Read More »

How to scaffold problem solving in geometry

Scaffolding is a metaphor for describing a type of facilitating a teacher does to support students’ own construction of knowledge. It is usually in the form of questions or additional information. In scaffolding learning, we should be careful not to reduce the learning by rote. In the case of problem solving for example, the scaffolds provided… Read More »

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