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Category: What is mathematics

Art and Mathematics

This post is actually one of the comments in my Mathematics is an Art post. I thought it would be a waste to just leave it in the comments section. It’s very informative and well written so I’m sharing it here. That way more people will have a chance to read it. It’s from the…

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Mathematics is an art

Whether we are conscious of it or not, the way we teach mathematics is very much influenced by what we conceive mathematics is and what is important knowing about it. As part of our Lesson Study project with a group mathematics teachers, I was tasked to share my thoughts about the nature of mathematics and…

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why learn mathematics?

Learning mathematics might not make you laugh. But, it can give you joy. You can even live without trying to learn it but you would miss one lens through which God viewed His creation and pronounced them good. Photo from International Nature Conservation.

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