Mathematics for Teaching Algebra, Math Lessons Ten problem solving and geometric construction tasks

Ten problem solving and geometric construction tasks

I’ve written a number of posts the last couple of months which I published in other sites. They are problem solving tasks mostly in geometry using GeoGebra and a few on function, trigonometry and calculus. May I share 10 of them here. The first six are teaching resources which I posted in AgIMat, a site about science and math teaching resources. The last four problems are in Math Problems for K-12 to help students in their revision.  Both sites are new ones. I hope you subscribe and promote them in your social networks. Thank you.

  1. Problem solving on congruent segments
  2. Square and triangle problem
  3. Triangle Congruence by ASA
  4. Angle bisector – two definitions
  5. Constructing the perpendicular bisector
  6. Exponential function and its inverse
  7. How to sketch the graph of the derivative of a function
  8. Ratio and probability problem
  9. Trigonometric equations and their graphs
  10. Proving trigonometric identities #1



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