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Tag: what is algebra

What is algebra?

Didn’t we say in our algebra class that in the grades they study about numbers and so now they will be studying letters instead? Didn’t we say that in algebra we now use x instead of box (in 3 + ___ = 15, we now write 3 + x = 15)? And isn’t it that…

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History of algebra as framework for teaching it?

In many history texts, algebra is considered to have three stages in its historical development: The rhetorical stage –  the stage where are all statements and arguments are made in words and sentences The syncopated stage – the stage where some abbreviations are used when dealing with algebraic expressions. The symbolic stage – the stage where there…

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What is algebra? Why study it?

I’m doing some  literature review for my research and I came across this article by L.A Steen in Middle Matters. He was arguing about the Algebra for All standard in the US and part of the article includes description of what is algebra. I thought I should share them in this blog because it is something very important…

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