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Solving systems of linear equations by elimination method

This short investigation about the graphs of the sum and difference of two or more linear equations may be used as an introductory activity to the lesson on solving systems of linear equations by elimination. It will provide a visual explanation why the method of elimination works, why it’s ok to add and subtract the… Read More »

Geometric relations – angles made by transversal

Geometry is a natural area of mathematics for which students should develop reasoning and justification skills and their appreciation of the logico-deductive part of mathematics that build across the grades. Learning tasks therefore should be so designed so that the focus of the learning is on the development of these skills as well and not… Read More »

Solving systems of equations by elimination – why it works

Mathematical knowledge is only powerful to the extent to which it is understood conceptually, not just procedurally. For example, students are taught the three ways of solving a system of linear equation: by graphing, by substitution and by elimination. Of these three methods, graphing is the one that would easily make sense to many students. Substitution, which… Read More »

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