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Math and Multimedia Carnival # 17 will be hosted here

Hello bloggers. It’s carnival time again. The 17th edition of Math and Multimedia Carnival will be over here at Mathematics for Teaching. It will go live on 28th November 2011. You are most welcome to share your posts about mathematics and the teaching and learning of it. You can submit your posts in Math and Multimedia… Read More »

Can having fun and learning math coexist?

I wrote a little post titled Mathematics is not easy  to challenge the teachers I work with to rethink the way they teach mathematics. I  shared the post in LinkedIn and it generated intelligent discussions and ideas about mathematics and teaching mathematics from the community Math, Math Education, Math Culture. I think we can learn a lot… Read More »

Making generalizations in mathematics

Making generalizations is fundamental to mathematics. Developing the skill of making generalizations and making it part of the students’ mental disposition or  habits of mind in learning and dealing with mathematics is one of the important goals of mathematics education.  Making generalizations is a skill, vital in the functioning of society. It is one of the reasons why… Read More »

When is a math problem a problem?

One of the main objectives of mathematics education is for students to acquire mathematical habits of mind. One of the ways of achieving this objective is to engage students in problem solving tasks. What is a problem solving task? And when is a math problem a problem and not an exercise? What is a problem… Read More »

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