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How to orchestrate a mathematically productive class discussion

Show and tell activity (aka lecture method) may work for some but never in a mathematics class. Getting students to explain and ask questions are nice but only when the explanation and the questions are mathematical. Reasoning and justifying are good habits of mind but they are only productive if they are based on mathematical… Read More »

Bedrock principles of math and what it means to understand math

In one of my LinkedIn group, someone started a discussion with this question What is the bedrock principle of mathematics? May I share some of the answers. 1. “The bedrock principle of mathematics is the axiomatic system. The realization that there are propositions that must be taken for granted in order to have something to… Read More »

The Four Freedoms in the Classroom

You will find that by providing the following freedoms in your classroom an improved learning environment will be created. The Freedom to Make Mistakes Help your students to approach the acquisition of knowledge with confidence. We all learn  through our mistakes. Listen to and observe your students and encourage them to explain or demonstrate why… Read More »

Should the historical evolution of math concepts inform teaching?

Should the history of a math concept inform the way we should teach it? Some camps, especially those that strongly object to the usual axiomatic-deductive style of teaching, advocates the use of a “genetic” teaching model that takes seriously into account the historical roots of mathematical knowledge. Here are some studies that support this approach.… Read More »

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