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Levels of math teachers expertise

Math teachers expertise can be characterized in three levels: The teachers at Level 1 can only tell students the important basic ideas of mathematics such as facts, concepts, and procedures. These teachers are more likely to teach by telling. For example in teaching students about the set of integers they start by defining what integers… Read More »

Math Lessons in Mathematics for Teaching

This is a collection of math lessons posted in this blog.  Most if not all of the lessons use the strategy teaching through problem solving or through mathematical investigation. I believe that school mathematics is about teaching students how to think mathematically first and learning the mathematics second so  math lessons should be designed so that students are engaged… Read More »

Why it is bad habit to introduce math concepts through their definitions

In my earlier post on the meaning of understanding, I describe understanding of mathematics as making connections: To understand is to make connections. These connections are not done in random.  Concepts are linked with other concepts in order to create a richer image for the new concept that is being learned. To understand therefore is to… Read More »

Teaching negative numbers via the numberline with a twist

One popular way of introducing the negative numbers is through the number line. Most textbooks start with the whole number on the number line and then show to the students that the number is decreasing by 1. From there, the negative numbers are introduced. This seems to be something easy for students to understand but… Read More »

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