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How confident are you to teach mathematics?

As mathematics teachers we simply cannot just stop learning and improving in our field. Reflecting on our practice is a powerful and productive way of supporting our own professional development. I found a goldmine of tools for this in the National Center for Excellence in the Teaching Mathematics (NCETM). I think this site is great… Read More »

How to scaffold algebraic thinking in teaching integers

One way to make algebra make sense to students is to show where those mathematics objects (e.g. algebraic expressions/equations/formula) come from. It will even makes sense more to students if they themselves can generate those objects. As John Mason puts it, The mechanics of algebra (algebraic manipulation) are concerned with studying the effects of combining,… Read More »

Understanding by Design from WikiPilipinas

I think the following entry from WikiPilipinas needs revising. “Learning of facts”? Check also the last statement. “Teaching for understanding” is the main tenet of UbD. In this framework, course design, teacher and student attitudes, and the classroom learning environment are factors not just in the learning of facts but also in the attainment of… Read More »

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