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Things you learn in math education forums

You always get good ideas from forums (or fora), whatever form they are. If you want great insights about math and science education, try attending a PhD forum or seminar. I’ve just been to one. Following are some of the things I learned from the spirited discussion during the question and answer portion from these… Read More »

What Makes Algebra Difficult is the Equal Sign – Part 1 of x

Algebra is one of the most researched topics in mathematics education. And most of these studies are about students understanding of algebraic concepts, particularly equations and the 24th letter of the English alphabet. With the volume of studies, one wonders why until now algebra many learners still have difficulty with the subject. I read a… Read More »

Making Sense of Equivalent Equations and Expressions

Here are some questions your students have been wanting to ask you in your algebra class. Daniel Chazan and Michal Yerushalmy in their article On Appreciating the Cognitive Complexity of School Algebra posed these questions about equivalence of equations , solving equations, and equivalence of expressions for us teachers to ponder upon.  How often do we… Read More »

Math Lessons in Mathematics for Teaching

This is a collection of math lessons posted in this blog.  Most if not all of the lessons use the strategy teaching through problem solving or through mathematical investigation. I believe that school mathematics is about teaching students how to think mathematically first and learning the mathematics second so  math lessons should be designed so that students are engaged… Read More »

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