Mathematics for Teaching Tag: real numbers

Tag: real numbers

sorting pi, e, and root 2

Mathematicians, always economical,   love to categorize numbers according to their properties. This is because numbers belonging to the same category behave in the same way. You don’t have to deal with each one! That’s an economical way of preserving the energy demand of brain cells.  In the grades we give pupils tasks that involve sorting…

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Teaching irrational numbers – break it to me gently

Numbers generally emerged from the practical need to express measurement. From counting numbers to whole numbers, to the set of integers, and to the rational numbers, we have always been able to use numbers to express measures. Up to the set of rational numbers, mathematics is practical, numbers are useful and easy to make sense…

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Technically, Fractions are Not Numbers

It is misleading to put fractions alongside the sets of numbers – counting, whole, integers, rational, irrational and real. The diagram below which are in many Mathematics I (Year 7) textbooks is inviting misconceptions. Fraction is a form for writing numbers just like the decimals, percents, and other notations that use exponents and radicals, etc….

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