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Why do we ‘invert’ the divisor in division of fractions

The easiest (and the most common) way to teach division of fractions is to just give the rule: To divide 5/8 by 2/3, just multiply 5/8 by the reciprocal of the divisor, 2/3. That is, 5/8 ÷ 2/3 = 5/8 × 3/2 = 5×3/8×2 = 15/16. If this is all we want our students to learn why… Read More »

What is proportional reasoning? Does cross multiplication help learn it?

Proportional reasoning is a capstone of children’s elementary school arithmetic and a cornerstone of all that is to follow (Lesh & Post, 1988). But for some reason, the teaching of elementary school mathematics topics either become an end in itself or has become more a preparation for learning algebra. Proportional reasoning is not being given… Read More »

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