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Analyzing and explaining mathematical thinking and learning

There are four general perspectives one can analyze and explain mathematical thinking and learning.These views should be seen not as competing but complementing each other. The four are: Mathematics: where the focus is on the rules and norms of the mathematical research community. Mathematics education: where the focus is on the individual and social processes in… Read More »

Math and Multimedia Carnival # 17 will be hosted here

Hello bloggers. It’s carnival time again. The 17th edition of Math and Multimedia Carnival will be over here at Mathematics for Teaching. It will go live on 28th November 2011. You are most welcome to share your posts about mathematics and the teaching and learning of it. You can submit your posts in Math and Multimedia… Read More »

Fun with ‘definitions’ in algebra

WARNING:  use the following definitions with great caution. A number phrase is a mathematical phrase which does not express a complete thought. An arithmetic expression is any grammatically sensible expression made up of numbers and (possibly) arithmetic operations (like addition, division, taking the absolute value, etc). Notice that it only has to be grammatically sensible; an undefined expression like 5/0 is… Read More »

Why math education is failing

A backlink to my post What kind of mathematical knowledge should teachers have?   brought me to the essay by Matthew Brenner titled The Four Pillars Upon Which the Failure of Math Education Rests (and what to do about them). Here’s the quote from the essay posted in Wild about Math. Kids are taught math as pets are taught… Read More »

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