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Guest post to share your math teaching ideas

If you want to share your ideas about teaching, this blog accepts guest post about teaching and learning k-12 mathematics and other issues relating to mathematics teaching. Articles about teaching specific content topics in mathematics are most welcome. You may want to read some of the posts in this blog so you have an idea what sort… Read More »

Types of tasks that encourage conceptual understanding

In his paper The Design of Multiple Representation Tasks To Foster Conceptual Development, Professor Malcolm Swan of University of Nottingham presented five types of tasks  that foster conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts. This was developed through their work with teachers. This classification of tasks is a very good framework to use in designing instruction. I… Read More »

Why math education is failing

A backlink to my post What kind of mathematical knowledge should teachers have?   brought me to the essay by Matthew Brenner titled The Four Pillars Upon Which the Failure of Math Education Rests (and what to do about them). Here’s the quote from the essay posted in Wild about Math. Kids are taught math as pets are taught… Read More »

Teaching algebra – it pays to start early

I believe in early algebraization. I have posted a few articles in this blog on ways it can be taught in the early grades. Check out for example  Teaching Algebraic Thinking Without the x’s. All the lessons in fact that I post here whether it is a number or geometry or pre-algebra lesson always aim… Read More »

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