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What is visual mediation in learning?

Can educational courseware be designed in such a way that they address the needs of (a) gifted learners (b) disadvantaged learners (c) and all learners that fall between these two extreme poles? This was the challenge I took on in the design of Karismath courseware. The primary tools for designing it in such a way… Read More »

Geometry lesson: Collapsible chair model

We live in a 3-dimensional world but why is it that we start teaching geometry we start from 2-dimensions to 3-dimensions? Shouldn’t it the other way around? Aren’t we supposed to start from students’ experiences? Making connections is not only about building connections between new concepts and previously learned concepts but most especially connecting it to students’… Read More »

“New Math” curriculum

In the video below, Tom Lehrer ‘explains’ and ‘criticizes’ the New Math curriculum in a funny way. I think the New Math curriculum was not that bad really. It helped the teachers to structure their math knowledge in a “mathematical” way. This is a good thing. The trouble was they taught mathematics in the mathematical way.… Read More »

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