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Math knowledge for teaching tangent to a curve

I am creating a new category of posts about mathematical tasks aimed at developing teachers’ math knowledge for teaching. Most of the tasks I will present here have been used in studies about teaching and teacher learning. Mathematical knowledge for teaching was coined by J. Boaler based on what Shulman (1986) call pedagogical content knowledge… Read More »

Math Teachers at Play Blog Carnival

Math Teachers At Play- Blog Carnival #49 of Let’s Play Math is now live in TeachBesideMe. Go check-out the fabulous submissions and of course the photos and images. Mathematics for Teaching will be hosting the 50th edition of MTaP. You may use the  Math Teachers at Play Blog Carnival — Submission Form to submit your posts or email it… Read More »

Levels of math teachers expertise

Math teachers expertise can be characterized in three levels: The teachers at Level 1 can only tell students the important basic ideas of mathematics such as facts, concepts, and procedures. These teachers are more likely to teach by telling. For example in teaching students about the set of integers they start by defining what integers… Read More »

Math Blog Carnivals

A math carnival is a one-stop shop of math ideas from bloggers all over the world. Here are the latest edition of  three Math Blog Carnivals in English. Of course, you can always translate them to your language. Math and Multimedia Carnival 19 Math Teachers at Play 46 Carnival of Mathematics 84 And if you are looking… Read More »

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