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Tag: math misconceptions

What is cognitive conflict approach to teaching?

According to Piaget, knowledge is constructed when a learner encounters input from the environment and incorporates the new experiences to his/her existing schemes and mental structures (assimilation). When this new assimilated information conflicts with previously formed mental structures, the result is called disequilibrium – a cognitive conflict. This state of disequilibrium motivates the learner to…

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Top 10 errors in algebra

Mathematics is indeed a universal language. Even errors are universal. Here are the top ten errors in algebra which are beyond borders and colors. #10. Squaring the negative. A minus a squared unless it’s been snared: #09. Logarithms: The log of the sum ain’t the sum of the log: #08. Shifting function: Add to y…

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Technically, Fractions are Not Numbers

It is misleading to put fractions alongside the sets of numbers – counting, whole, integers, rational, irrational and real. The diagram below which are in many Mathematics I (Year 7) textbooks is inviting misconceptions. Fraction is a form for writing numbers just like the decimals, percents, and other notations that use exponents and radicals, etc….

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