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What is good mathematics?

It may not be for the majority of learners but it remains an important goal of math education in the basic level to hone future mathematicians who in turn are expected to produce good mathematics.  This post presents Terence Tao‘s personal thoughts on what good quality mathematics could mean. Terence was a child prodigy. When he was 24,… Read More »

Theories and ideas behind the math lessons in this blog

I have put together in this post some of the ideas behind the kind of mathematics teaching I promote. As I stated in the subheadings of this blog, the articles and lessons I write here are not about making mathematics easy because it isn’t but about making mathematics makes sense because it does. Before reading… Read More »

Math Lessons in Mathematics for Teaching

This is a collection of math lessons posted in this blog.  Most if not all of the lessons use the strategy teaching through problem solving or through mathematical investigation. I believe that school mathematics is about teaching students how to think mathematically first and learning the mathematics second so  math lessons should be designed so that students are engaged… Read More »

Teaching algebraic thinking without the x’s

Students need not wait till they meet Mr. x to learn about algebra. In fact, the best way to learn about algebra is to learn it while there aren’t x’s yet; when all the learners need to deal with are concepts that still make sense to them. Here is a list of tips and ways… Read More »

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