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Math Education Studies

Math-ed studies is my  new blog about research in mathematics teaching and learning and teacher learning. It contains studies, books, links, etc about mathematics education. It is actually my nth attempt to organize myself. Evernote is not enough to organize me. With this blog I hope it will be easier for me to trace where… Read More »

Should the historical evolution of math concepts inform teaching?

Should the history of a math concept inform the way we should teach it? Some camps, especially those that strongly object to the usual axiomatic-deductive style of teaching, advocates the use of a “genetic” teaching model that takes seriously into account the historical roots of mathematical knowledge. Here are some studies that support this approach.… Read More »

Forms of mathematical knowledge

Anyone interested to understand how mathematics is learned should at first understand what mathematical knowledge consist of. The book Forms of Mathematical Knowledge: Learning and Teaching with Understanding describes various types of knowledge that are significant for learning and teaching mathematics. It defines, discusses and contrasts various types of knowledge involved inthe learning of mathematics. It also… Read More »

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