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Solving algebra problems – which one should be x?

Every now and then I get an e-mail from a friend’s son asking for help in algebra problems. When it’s about solving word problems, the email will start with “How about just telling me which one is the x and I’ll figure out the rest”. The follow-up email will open with “Done it. Thanks. All… Read More »

Geometric relations – angles made by transversal

Geometry is a natural area of mathematics for which students should develop reasoning and justification skills and their appreciation of the logico-deductive part of mathematics that build across the grades. Learning tasks therefore should be so designed so that the focus of the learning is on the development of these skills as well and not… Read More »

Teaching algebraic expressions – Counting smileys

This is an introductory lesson for teaching the concept of variable and algebraic expressions through problem solving. The problem solving task combines numerical, geometric, and algebraic thinking.  The figure below shows the standard version of the task. Of course some easier versions would ask for the 5th figure, then perhaps 10th figure, then the 100th… Read More »

Teaching with GeoGebra: Squares and Square Roots

This post outlines a teaching sequence for introducing the concept of square roots in a GeoGebra environment. Of course you can do the same activity using grid papers, ruler and calculator. However, if the students have access to computers then I highly recommend that you use GeoGebra to do this. In my post GeoGebra and… Read More »

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