Mathematics for Teaching Tag: lesson planning

Tag: lesson planning

Bloom’s Taxonomy and iPad Apps

The original Bloom’s taxonomy include Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation. I was introduced to this when I was in college and I must admit it was not of much help to me in planning my math lessons. I just couldn’t fit it. The pyramid image was not of help at all and I think…

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Teaching the meaning of equal sign

Here’s how I sequence my lesson to develop pupil’s understanding of the meaning of the equal sign. Actually the lesson uses the context of the meaning of equal sign to introduce the students to the meaning of variable intuitively. The students enjoyed this lesson and they said they loved the way I made them think. Scaffolding…

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(Mis) Understanding by Design

The country’s schools are now implementing ‘Understanding by Design (UbD) curriculum.’ Some private schools are implementing it at all levels while all the public schools are on its first year of implementation starting with first year high school subjects. I’m not a fan of UbD, especially in the way it is being implemented here but…

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