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What is Universal Design in Learning?

This is a perfectly good knob to use. Grab it, turn it, pull (or push), and the door swings open. So it meets your needs. Or does it? Does it meet ALL your needs, your universal set of needs, needs that arise in different situations, different contexts? Well, suppose you are rushing down the corridor… Read More »

GeoGebra and Learning Mathematics

GeoGebra is a great software for teaching and learning mathematics. It offers geometry, algebra and calculus tools in one environment, a great support indeed for linking mathematical concepts. On top of that it is free and an open-code software. Click here to download the latest version of the software.  Is it easy to use? Yes… Read More »

Enduring understanding

To know the big picture ideas, to know the enduring understanding students are supposed to learn are indeed very important in planning and teaching a lesson. However, for teachers to be able to identify and articulate the enduring understanding for a particular content topic requires knowledge of the following: knowledge of the nature of the… Read More »

Math is not easy

I think it’s a waste of time trying to make mathematics easy and fun to learn if your idea of fun does not involve challenge. Mathematics is not an easy subject and it is not easy to learn it. That is a fact. The sooner the teacher accepts this, the better for her students. The… Read More »

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