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The multiple meanings of letter symbols – Part 2 of x

In Part 1 of this series of posts about what makes algebra difficult, I discuss the multiple meanings of equal sign learners has deal with to make sense of the subject. With the changing meaning of equal sign and equations comes the changing meaning of the letter symbols. Teachers would oftentimes introduce algebra by telling… Read More »

Things you learn in math education forums

You always get good ideas from forums (or fora), whatever form they are. If you want great insights about math and science education, try attending a PhD forum or seminar. I’ve just been to one. Following are some of the things I learned from the spirited discussion during the question and answer portion from these… Read More »

What Makes Algebra Difficult is the Equal Sign – Part 1 of x

Algebra is one of the most researched topics in mathematics education. And most of these studies are about students understanding of algebraic concepts, particularly equations and the 24th letter of the English alphabet. With the volume of studies, one wonders why until now algebra many learners still have difficulty with the subject. I read a… Read More »

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