Mathematics for Teaching Tag: irrational numbers

Tag: irrational numbers

Test your understanding of irrational numbers

The following is a set of tasks which I think are great questions for assessing understanding of irrational numbers. These tasks were from the study of Natasa Sirotic and Rina Zazkis. The responses were analysed in terms of algorithmic, formal, and intuitive knowledge described at the end of the post. Set A This set of tasks…

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The Pi Song

Memorizing without understanding is a no-no in this blog. But just for fun you can try this one on pi. Memorizing the lyrics will take you a long way in your math career. You can also use it as password. For my thoughts regarding teaching irrational numbers you may want to read Teaching irrational numbers:…

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Teaching irrational numbers – break it to me gently

Numbers generally emerged from the practical need to express measurement. From counting numbers to whole numbers, to the set of integers, and to the rational numbers, we have always been able to use numbers to express measures. Up to the set of rational numbers, mathematics is practical, numbers are useful and easy to make sense…

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