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Constructing polygons with equal area

The power of GeoGebra lies not only for demonstrating a concept but more so for creating a situation where students are made to think, solve problems, and reason mathematically. Here is a sample lesson on how this can be done. The lesson involves the concept of area of triangles and constructing parallel lines applied to problems… Read More »

Problem on proving perpendicular segments

This problem is a model created to solve the problem posed in the lesson Collapsible. In the figure CF = FB = FE. If C is moved along CB, describe the paths of F and E. Explain or prove that they are so. This problem can be explored using GeoGebra applet.  Click this link to explore… Read More »

Teaching with GeoGebra – Investigating coordinates of points

The most basic mathematics students need to know to understand GeoGebra is the coordinate axes. Must you teach students how to plot points and interpret coordinates of points before they use GeoGebra or the other way around? I think, at the same time. Below is a sample activity on how I think this can be… Read More »

Teaching simplifying and adding radicals

The square root of a number is usually introduced via an activity that involves getting the side of a square with the given area. For example the side of a square with area 25 sq unit is 5 unit because 5 x 5 = 25. To introduce the existence of , a square of area… Read More »

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