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What Makes Algebra Difficult is the Equal Sign – Part 1 of x

Algebra is one of the most researched topics in mathematics education. And most of these studies are about students understanding of algebraic concepts, particularly equations and the 24th letter of the English alphabet. With the volume of studies, one wonders why until now algebra many learners still have difficulty with the subject. I read a… Read More »

Teaching the concept of function

Mathematics is not just about the study of numbers and shapes but also about the study of patterns and relationships. Function, which can define some of these relationships, is an indispensable tool in its study. Function is the central underlying concept in calculus. It is also one of the key concepts of mathematics that can… Read More »

Levels of understanding of function in equation form

There are at least three representational systems used to study function: graphs, tables and equations. But unlike graphs and tables that are used to visually show the relationships between two varying quantities, students first experience with equation is not as a representation of function but a statement which state the condition on a single unknown quantity.  Also,… Read More »

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