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How to facilitate a lesson study group

The long term goal of lesson study as a professional development model is to enhance teachers’ content and pedagogical content knowledge and develop their capacities for designing and studying (researching) their own lessons. The expected output of a Lesson Study group is to develop a curriculum material in the form of a lesson plan. The… Read More »

Algebraic thinking in algebra

Algebraic thinking is an approach to thinking about quantitative situations in general and relational manner. This kind of thinking is optimized by a considerable understanding of the objects of algebra, a disposition to think in generality, and engagement in high-level tasks which provide contexts for applying and investigating mathematics and the real-world. Objects of Algebra… Read More »

Math is not easy

I think it’s a waste of time trying to make mathematics easy and fun to learn if your idea of fun does not involve challenge. Mathematics is not an easy subject and it is not easy to learn it. That is a fact. The sooner the teacher accepts this, the better for her students. The… Read More »

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