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A 21st century skill: reading and writing codes

In Should We Do Away with Calculation, Conrad Wolfram says that if you want to know if students understands a computational procedure, ask them to do a program, let them code it.Here is another video which calls students to learn coding. The video titled What Schools Don’t Teach featuring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, and other software… Read More »

Teachers, principals, DepEd, this one’s for you

I got this comment from my post Curriculum change and understanding by design: what are they solving? It’s from a student with very legitimate complain, concern, and challenge. Sometimes we are so focussed on finishing the syllabus, following curriculum requirements that we forget what it’s  doing to our learners. As a student, I don’t like the… Read More »

My issues with Understanding by Design (UbD)

Everybody is jumping into this new education bandwagon like it is something that is new indeed. Here are some issues I want to raise about UbD.  I am quoting Wikipedia in this post but this is also how UbD is explained  in other sites. Understanding by Design, or UbD, is an increasingly popular tool for educational… Read More »

Algebra vs Arithmetic Thinking

Algebra had always been associated with high school mathematics while arithmetic, the study of numbers, is associated with elementary school mathematics. One of the solutions to help students understand algebra in high school is to start the study of algebra earlier hence the elementary school curriculum incorporated some content topics traditionally studied in high school.… Read More »

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