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A Challenging Way of Presenting Math Patterns Problems

Mathematics is the science of patterns. Part of the math skill students need to learn in mathematics is to see regularities.  The usual way of introducing pattern searching activity is by showing a sequence of figure or numbers and then asking the students to find or draw the next one.   Here’s a more exciting… Read More »

Generating Algebraic Expressions: Counting Hexagons

In solving generalization problems that involve figures and diagrams, I have always found working with the figures—constructing and deconstructing them—to generate the formula more interesting than working with the sequence of numbers directly that is, making a table of values and apply some technique to find the formula. Here’s a sample problem involving counting hexagons.… Read More »

Equations, Equations, Equations

Students deal with a different ‘types’ of equations: equations in one unknown, equations in two unknowns, and the equation representations of function. There are others like the parametric equations but let’s talk about the first three I just enumerated. Is there a connection among all these three apart from being equations? Let’s take for example… Read More »

Teaching Equations of Sequence with Mr Khan

In the following video Mr. Khan’s gave an excellent task and solution on finding the equation of a sequence of blocks. I suggest you stop the video after the presentation of the problem. Let the students solve it first before you let Mr. Khan do the talking. Mr Khan did give an excellent explanation especially… Read More »

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