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Levels of math teachers expertise

Math teachers expertise can be characterized in three levels: The teachers at Level 1 can only tell students the important basic ideas of mathematics such as facts, concepts, and procedures. These teachers are more likely to teach by telling. For example in teaching students about the set of integers they start by defining what integers… Read More »

What is abstraction in mathematics?

Abstraction is inherent to mathematics. It is a must for mathematics teachers  to know and understand what this process is and what its products are. Knowledge of it can enrich our reflection of our own practice as well us guide us and make us conscious of the type of learning activities we provide our students.… Read More »

When is a math problem a problem?

One of the main objectives of mathematics education is for students to acquire mathematical habits of mind. One of the ways of achieving this objective is to engage students in problem solving tasks. What is a problem solving task? And when is a math problem a problem and not an exercise? What is a problem… Read More »

Learning research study module on analyzing understanding of function

Just recently the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) of the UK released a set of learning research study modules to support continuing professional development of mathematics teachers online. One of the modules is based on my paper Growth Points in Students Understanding of Function in Equation Form. This paper was… Read More »

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