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Should we do away with calculation?

We don’t need to spend much time with calculation. Technology can do that for us. We can use the extra time saved for engaging in ‘higher-level’ thinking. Mr. Conrad Wolfram in his TEd Education Talk makes a lot of sense in this video. But, I have my reservations but not because I’m for teaching a… Read More »

The problem with physics education is math education

I hope these two videos will make us think hard as well about the problems in mathematics education and how important it is to teach math in a way that they makes sense to students. Students are only able to apply their maths to the extent that they understand them. Bring the mathematics back to physics!… Read More »

Teaching Equations of Sequence with Mr Khan

In the following video Mr. Khan’s gave an excellent task and solution on finding the equation of a sequence of blocks. I suggest you stop the video after the presentation of the problem. Let the students solve it first before you let Mr. Khan do the talking. Mr Khan did give an excellent explanation especially… Read More »

Teaching Math with Mr Khan’s Videos – Variation

I’ve yet to read a math educator’s blog that endorses Khan Academy materials. Well, this blog does. Yes, you read it right. This blog endorses Mr. Khan’s materials for teaching mathematics. No, not by simply viewing the video but using the Mr Khan’s lecture as the object of investigation. Let’s take the video on direct variation.… Read More »

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