Mathematics for Teaching Math blogs Math Problems for K-12 with solution

Math Problems for K-12 with solution

Math Problems for K-12 is my new site that contains problems with solutions, explanations and common errors students commit in solving the problem.  Sample students answers are shown with the corresponding marks. The posts are written for students but teachers, I’m sure, will also find them helpful. You can say this is the student version of Math for Teaching blog. The problems are categorized according to math area and year level. Here is a sample problem for middle school algebra. Click the image to go to the site.

And here’s another for high school mathematics. This post links equation solving and graphing functions, a key concept in algebra.

If you are a teacher and wishes to contribute a problem you have done with your class, feel free to share it here together with students’ solutions. It would be great if you can also show how you marked it together with comments. It is through assessment and marking that we communicate to students what we value. Email me at so I can invite you as author. Thank you.


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