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Math Lessons in Mathematics for Teaching

This is a collection of math lessons posted in this blog.  Most if not all of the lessons use the strategy teaching through problem solving or through mathematical investigation. I believe that school mathematics is about teaching students how to think mathematically first and learning the mathematics second so  math lessons should be designed so that students are engaged in thinking mathematically. This is something that should not be left to chance.

  1. How to grow algebra eyes and ears
  2. How to teach the inverse function
  3. How to teach the derivative function without really trying
  4. How to scaffold problem solving in geometry
  5. What is a coordinate system?
  6. How to teach triangle congruence through problem solving
  7. Teaching the meaning of equal sign
  8. Geometry lesson: Collapsible chair model
  9. Teaching negative numbers via the numberline with a twist
  10. Introducing negative numbers
  11. Teaching with GeoGebra – Investigating coordinates of points
  12. Teaching simplifying and adding radicals
  13. Teaching with GeoGebra: Squares and Square Roots
  14. Teaching trigonometry via problem solving
  15. Introducing positive and negative numbers
  16. Teaching subtraction of integers
  17. Algebraic thinking and subtracting integers – Part 2
  18. Subtracting integers using tables- Part 1
  19. Teaching the absolute value of an integer
  20. Teaching with GeoGebra: Constructing polygons with equal area

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