Mathematics for Teaching Category: Humor

Category: Humor

Dancing graphs

This series of dance steps in graphs is not about how to do a latin dance because the hips and feet movement are not emphasized. It’s probably showing us how a mathematician or a desperate algebra 2 teacher dances:-) Did you know that you can also draw this in GeoGebra? Click here to see one….

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Who increased the debt? – a lesson on graphs

Graphs display information in an organized and easy-to-read manner.They are visual representations of quantities and their relationships so they are not pictures. That graphs are pictures is a common misconception. By end of fourth grade a pupil should be able create, understand and interpret at least the basics of three types of graphs, line, bar graphs…

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Facebook is CIA’s #1 online surveillance program – Humor

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is now CIA’s # 1 agent.  And the government wants you to use Facebook. You are more trackable and traceable there than via your Twitter or Google+ accounts. View the flash report below from The Onions News Network (ONN). Of course the CIA will not find fault with you liking Math for Teaching’s…

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Why we need more math blogs

Thanks to Randy Glasbergen and United Features Syndicate for the cartoons. These cartoons show my motivations for blogging. Enjoy !!! I love Nancy!!!  

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