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Things you learn in math education forums

You always get good ideas from forums (or fora), whatever form they are. If you want great insights about math and science education, try attending a PhD forum or seminar. I’ve just been to one. Following are some of the things I learned from the spirited discussion during the question and answer portion from these… Read More »

The Learning Pyramid

I attended a lecture today on how to help Year 12’s pass their examinations. One of the slides that captured my attention was the Learning Pyramid. It says that the information retained by our learners is a function of the kind of learning experiences we provide. The percentage shows what is left in the brain… Read More »

Christmas GeoGebra Applet

Here’s wishing you the choicest blessings of the season. The applet was adapted from the work of Wengler published in GeoGebra Tube. Being an incurable math teacher and blogger I can’t help not to turn this unsuspecting christmas geogebra applet into a mathematical task. Observe the candles. 1. When is the next candle lighted? 2. On… Read More »

Definitions of Commonly Used Words in Math Lectures

It’s time to review some terms you hear in math lectures. If you are not doing well in math, it’s probably because of miscommunications and not for any other reason. BRIEFLY: I’m running out of time, so I’ll just write and talk faster. BRUTE FORCE: Four special cases, three counting arguments, two long inductions, and… Read More »

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