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What is an inverse function?

In mathematics, the inverse function is a function that undoes another function. For example,  given the function f(x) = 2x. If you input a into the function f, the output is 2a. The inverse function of  f(x) is the function g(x) such that if you input 2a into g(x) its output is a. Now what is g(x) equal to? How does its… Read More »

Using cognitive conflict to teach solving inequalities

One way to teach and assess students understanding of math concepts and procedures is to create a cognitive conflict. Here is one way you can create cognitive conflict in solving inequalities: To solve the inequality x – 7 > 5, the process usually involve adding 7 to both sides of the inequality. This process uses… Read More »

Free online calculator for problem solving and math investigation needs

Meta-Calculator is a free online calculator that should serve the needs of almost any high school student/college student for problem solving and math investigations tasks. It would also be useful for anyone who needs to analyze statistical data, do lots of calculations , graph equations or create images of equations—you can just hop on the internet… Read More »

Linking combination and permutation with repetition

Combinatorial problems are difficult because it’s hard to  know which formula to use in a particular problem and when you need to ‘tweak’ or totally abandon the formula. In this post I share two solutions to a problem which connects the multiplication principle, the combination formula and the formula for counting the number of permutation with… Read More »

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