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A triangle is a fish

Why is it that students find it easier to calculate the area of triangle ABC but will have difficulty calculating the area of triangle DEF? Middle school students even believe that it’s impossible to find the area of DEF because the triangle has no base and height! That knowing the invariant properties that makes a… Read More »

Guest Post: Real World Uses of Geometry

“When am I going to use this?” This question has been asked in almost every geometry class at one point or another. Many students introduced to advanced mathematics, such as geometry and trigonometry, will deem it worthless. This could not be further from the truth. There are many real world uses for geometry and many… Read More »

The house of quadrilaterals

In Investigating an Ordering of Quadrilaterals published in ZDM, Gunter Graumann shared a good activity for developing students mathematical thinking. The activity is about ordering quadrilaterals based on its characteristics. He gave the following list of different aspects of quadrilaterals as possible basis for investigation. Sides with equal length (two neighbouring or two opposite or three or four sides) Sum of the length… Read More »

Angles are not that easy to see

Like most numbers, geometric objects such as angles, are abstraction from properties of real objects and quantities. For example, the idea of “two-ness” can be abstracted from real objects such as two apples, two chairs, two goats, etc. It will not take along for a learner to figure out what the idea of two means.… Read More »

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