Mathematics for Teaching Teaching with GeoGebra

Teaching with GeoGebra

Educational technology like GeoGebra can only facilitate understanding if the students themselves use it. This page contains a list of my post that describes activities and teaching sequence that I think might help to train students in using GeoGebra as a tool in learning mathematics. I have also included in this list lessons with GeoGebra applets.


  1. Teaching with technology – why technological pedagogical content knowledge is a necessary condition for teaching mathematics effectively
  2. GeoGebra and Mathematics – includes introduction to GeoGebra
  3. GeoGebra, Calculators, and Mathematics – why teach with GeoGebra
  4. Teaching Mathematics with GeoGebra

Integrating learning of GeoGebra in the learning of mathematics:

  1. Investigating Coordinates of Points – learning the point tool and coordinates of points
  2. Squares and Square Roots –  polygon tools and surds.
  3. Adding radicals – regular polygon tool and text tool and geometric representation of sum of two radicals.
  4. Investigating the graphs of the sum and difference of linear equations – an introductory lesson for solving systems of linear equation by elimination method.
GeoGebra Worksheets
  1. Locus from two perpendicular lines
  2. Perpendicular segments
  3. Problem solving about ratio of areas
  4. What is a coordinates system?

Other Applets used in teaching and learning

  1. Quadrilaterals – my post on problems involving quadrilaterals. I created an applet on how to construct a quadrilateral equal in area to a given quadrilateral.
  2. Making connections through math investigation – includes a GeoGebra applet on preserving area of triangles.
  3. Introducing the concept of function – includes a GeoGebra applet for identifying changing and unchanging quantities and determining the relationship between two varying quantities.
  4. Angles made by transversal – contrasts two applets, pros and cons for teaching angles made by transversal.
  5. Constructing polygons with equal area – a problem solving lesson applying the concept of area and parallel lines
  6. Square of a sum
  7. How to scaffold problem solving in Geometry
  8. Christmas GeoGebra Applet



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