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Math and Multimedia Carnival # 17 will be hosted here

Hello bloggers. It’s carnival time again. The 17th edition of Math and Multimedia Carnival will be over here at Mathematics for Teaching. It will go live on 28th November 2011. You are most welcome to share your posts about mathematics and the teaching and learning of it. You can submit your posts in Math and Multimedia… Read More »

Making connections: Square of a sum

One of the ways to connect concepts in mathematics is to make use of the same representation to teach mathematics. Let me take for an example the visual representation of the square of a sum, . This concept is usually ‘concretized’ using algebra tiles. However, if you have facility for computer technology I would recommend using the… Read More »

Teaching mathematics with GeoGebra

GeoGebra constructions are great and it’s fun ‘watching’ them especially if you know the mathematics they are demonstrating. If you don’t and most students don’t then we have a bit of a problem. Even if the applet demonstrates the mathematics to students I don’t think there’ll be much learning there. No one learns mathematics by… Read More »

Embedding the idea of functions in geometry lessons

GeoGebra is a great tool to promote a way of thinking and reasoning about shapes. It provides an environment where students can observe and describe the relationships within and among geometric shapes, analyze what changes and what stays the same when shapes are transformed, and make generalizations. When shapes or objects are transformed or moved,… Read More »

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