Mathematics for Teaching Category: Elementary School Math

Category: Elementary School Math

Subtracting integers using numberline – why it doesn’t help the learning

I have reasons to suspect that for a good percentage of students, the end of their mathematics career begin when they are introduced to subtracting integers. Well, for some, it’s when the x‘s start dropping from the sky without warning. In this post, let’s focus on the first culprit – subtracting integers. One of the…

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What is an integer?

Here are some ideas pupils need to learn about integers: •A number represents a quantity. An integer is a type of number. An integer represents a quantity. •Integers are useful in representing quantities and includes opposite sense. For example, going up 5 floors and going down 5 floors can be represented by +5 and -5…

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What pupils think about the equal sign

I gave a set of questions to a group of Grade 6 and 7 pupils in a public school. Here are two of the questions: Question 1: 173 + 49 = ___ + 47 . Question 2:  43 + __ = 48 + 76. Some pupils wrote 122 in the blank in Question 1. Others…

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