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What are the uses of examples in teaching mathematics?

Giving examples, sometimes tons of them, is not an uncommon practice in teaching mathematics. How do we use examples? When do we use them?  In his paper, The purpose, design, and use of examples in the teaching of elementary mathematics, Tim Rowland considers the different purposes for which teachers use example in mathematics teaching and… Read More »

Teaching the meaning of equal sign

Here’s how I sequence my lesson to develop pupil’s understanding of the meaning of the equal sign. Actually the lesson uses the context of the meaning of equal sign to introduce the students to the meaning of variable intuitively. The students enjoyed this lesson and they said they loved the way I made them think. Scaffolding… Read More »

English edition Japanese Grades 1- 6 Math textbooks 50% off until September

Last year I had the chance to do a few days work for a Japanese Mathematics textbook series translated in English. I just received an e-mail from one of the editors that the publisher is selling the books at 50% off. It will only cost about US$75 for the set of 11 books until September 2011. After… Read More »

How should students understand the subtraction operation?

Studies show that students whose understanding of subtraction is only to take away will have difficulty learning other mathematical concepts. There are three ways by which subtraction can be understood: (1) Taking Away, (2) Difference, and (3) Inverse relation to addition operation. Pupils’ first experience with subtraction involves taking away. The dash sign means minus… Read More »

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