Mathematics for Teaching Category: Curriculum Reform

Category: Curriculum Reform

Features of good problem solving tasks for learning mathematics

To develop higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) the mind needs to engage in higher-order learning task (HOLT). A good task for developing higher-order thinking skills is a problem solving task. But not all problems are created equal. Some problems are best suited for evaluating learning while others are best suited for assessing learning that would inform teaching….

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Teaching through Problem Solving

Problem solving is not only the reason for teaching and learning mathematics. It is also the means for learning it. In the words of Hiebert et al: Students should be allowed to make the subject problematic. … Allowing the subject to be problematic means allowing students to wonder why things are, to inquire, to search…

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Algebra vs Arithmetic Thinking

Algebra had always been associated with high school mathematics while arithmetic, the study of numbers, is associated with elementary school mathematics. One of the solutions to help students understand algebra in high school is to start the study of algebra earlier hence the elementary school curriculum incorporated some content topics traditionally studied in high school….

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