Mathematics for Teaching Category: Curriculum Reform

Category: Curriculum Reform

English edition Japanese Grades 1- 6 Math textbooks 50% off until September

Last year I had the chance to do a few days work for a Japanese Mathematics textbook series translated in English. I just received an e-mail from one of the editors that the publisher is selling the books at 50% off. It will only cost about US$75 for the set of 11 books until September 2011. After…

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What is algebra? Why study it?

I’m doing some  literature review for my research and I came across this article by L.A Steen in Middle Matters. He was arguing about the Algebra for All standard in the US and part of the article includes description of what is algebra. I thought I should share them in this blog because it is something very important…

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“New Math” curriculum

In the video below, Tom Lehrer ‘explains’ and ‘criticizes’ the New Math curriculum in a funny way. I think the New Math curriculum was not that bad really. It helped the teachers to structure their math knowledge in a “mathematical” way. This is a good thing. The trouble was they taught mathematics in the mathematical way….

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Knowledge of Teaching with ICT

In the 80’s, Lee Shulman introduced the concept of pedagogical content knowledge to differentiate it from content knowledge (CK) and knowledge of general pedagogy (PK). Pedagogical content knowledge or popularly known as PCK  is teachers’ knowledge of how a particular subject-matter is best taught and learned. Since Shulman introduced this concept, many others have contributed…

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Teachers, principals, DepEd, this one’s for you

I got this comment from my post Curriculum change and understanding by design: what are they solving? It’s from a student with very legitimate complain, concern, and challenge. Sometimes we are so focussed on finishing the syllabus, following curriculum requirements that we forget what it’s  doing to our learners. As a student, I don’t like the…

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