Mathematics for Teaching Category: Assessment

Category: Assessment

Six ways to give feedback to students to keep them in the task of learning

There are two types of assessment based on its goals or use. One is what I call assessment in the service of teaching. The second is what I call assessment in the service of learning. Assessment in the service of teaching refers to the use of assessment information to improve teaching while assessment in the…

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Student Achievement in Mathematics – TIMSS Ranking

East Asian countries continue to lead the world in student achievement in mathematics. Singapore, Korea, and Hong Kong SAR, followed by Chinese Taipei and Japan, were the top-performing countries in TIMSS 2011 at the fourth grade. Similarly, at the eighth grade, Korea, Singapore, and Chinese Taipei outperformed all countries, followed by Hong Kong SAR and…

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What are the big ideas in function ?

Function is defined in many textbooks as a correspondence relationship between two quantities x and y such that for every x, there is one and only one value for y. Definitions are important to know but in the case of function, the only time students will ever use the definition of function as correspondence is when…

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Assessing understanding via constructing test items

Assessing understanding of mathematics can also be done by asking students to write test items.  Here’s my favorite assessment item. I gave this to a group of teachers. Possible  answers/ questions. Year level: Third year (Year 9) Question 1 – What is the distance of P from the origin? Question 2 – What is the…

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Conference on Assessing Learning

The conference is open to high school mathematics and science teachers, department heads and coordinators, supervisors, tertiary and graduate students and lecturers, researchers, and curriculum developers in science and mathematics. Plenary Topics and Speakers 1. The Relationship between Classroom Tasks, Students’ Engagement, and Assessing Learning by Dr. Peter Sullivan 2. Assessment for Learning: Practice, Pupils…

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